Sunday, July 2, 2017

How to Shop at Target

Deep to my core, I believe Target is in league with Satan. How else do you explain someone walking into the store with a specific objective, like buying milk, for instance, and coming out at least $200 poorer than when they entered? As a stockholder, I'm absolutely fine with this. But as a regular shopper, a teacher on a budget, and a practicing minimalist, the situation is quite problematic. So, instead of boycotting the place (I love Target! Plus, I'm a stockholder, duh!), I have devised a method for shopping at Target that will not leave you bankrupt. Try the following steps: 
  1.  Make a list and stick to it 
  2.  Leave the credit and debit cards at home. Use only cash. In fact, just leave your whole pocketbook in the car. Just take in your keys, the shopping list, and the cash 
  3. Avoid the dollar bin section, if possible. This seemingly innocuous area is actually the mouth to the gates of hell* 
  4.  Before you get to the register remove at least 10 items from your cart (we both know you are not going to stick to the list!) 
  5. When the cashier asks if you have a Redcard, say you do, but you that left it at home (this might be a lie, but it will stop his/her sales pitch in its tracks) 

 *If you are a teacher, then you already know that we are drawn to the Dollar Spot like moths to a flame. There are always super-cute accessories and materials that can be used in the classroom. Tread lightly and use sound judgment here. I mean, do you really need those miniature multicolored clothespins with the ribbons on top? Do you?? 

 If you can exercise some self-regulation and carefully adhere to these five simple steps, you just might leave Target with your wallet (and your soul) intact. Good luck, and Godspeed.
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