Friday, April 17, 2015

Black Like Me

Whether at home or at school, children of color need to see people who look like them in their storybooks. This not only promotes their interest in reading, but it also helps build their self esteem. 

A few of my favorites include (and you can see they're well-worn from repeated use): 

Cherish Me by Joyce Carol Thomas
Jamal's Busy Day by Wade Hudson
Bright Eyes by Cheryl Willis & Bernette G. Ford 
I Like Myself by Karen Beaumont
Daddy Calls Me Man by Angela Johnson

One of my absolute favorites is Black All Around by Patricia Hubbell. It is a wonderful tribute to the color black. Many of us grow up associating the color black  with all things negative and evil. In this book, Hubbell successfully helps us see the importance of black things. For instance, would we be able to play a beautiful melody without the black keys on the piano or the black notes on sheet music? The answer is a resounding no.

Black All Around by Patricia Hubbell
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