Saturday, November 1, 2014

Gosh, I am such a slacker, right? Please forgive me. I think many moons ago, I suggested a book for all you book worms out there. Well, here I am, finally getting around to posting it. The book is Learning to Listen, and Listening to Learn by Mary Renck Jalongo. This book is especially important for those of us who teach early childhood. Developing children's listening comprehension skills is pivotal to their learning and understanding the world around them. I encourage you to read this book. And if you're really feeling bold afterwards, then complete a Shiny Apples Self-Study project through the organization. It's a nifty way to earn a few professional development hours. Really! Just download the application, fill it out, submit a reflection paper and registration fee (only $5) and you will receive your hours. True story!
:) Jameelah
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